It also has a characteristic striped tail. It also has streaks of light and dark colors. These and other factors contributed to the rationale for putting this species in the list of species threatened by extinction, according to the IUCN. The tail on this animal is short. However, they used to be found in other neighboring islands in the country such as Samar, Masbate, Leyte, Guimaras, and Cebu. Jewel Mae Castillano on October 01, 2018: So helpful to do my assignment and my projects, The pictures for the greenand logger-head sea turtles are red eared sliders which aren't even sea turtles. Because of the limited region where the Katsuri resides, it has been included in the IUCN red list and classified as critically endangered. They lay their eggs on the leaves of forest trees. How can mankind be so cruel?. They usually live in deep offshore waters, oceans, and other adjoining bodies of water. The disappearance of this species on the island of Cebu was not only brought about by illegal hunting and logging but also agricultural land clearing. This is a migratory species of sea turtles. It is more or less an attractive mouse species. The Cebu Flowerpecker is so rare that it has only been found in two areas in Cebu. Experts attribute illegal hunting and dynamite fishing to the decline of the Philippine freshwater crocodile. Major threats to the Philippine eagle's survival are deforestation, mining, and pollution. This species of water snake is endemic to the Bicol Peninsula. Dudez Perez loves to stimulate minds. You will find other shell colors, which include brown. It lives mainly in tropical and subtropical forests in the lowlands, where it is usually moist. Another reason for the population decline is that the birds are considered agricultural pests and are killed or trapped by farmers attempting to protect their fields. Known by the scientific name Rhinoceros unicornis, Indian rhinos are among the most dangerous animals in Asia because they are known to inflict heavy damage.From their armor-plated exterior to their massive size - the Indian rhino is the fifth largest land animal around the world - these dangerous and temperamental animals are best given a wide berth. Apo Island is located 7 kilometres to the south of the Philippines Negros Island. Another critically endangered animal according to the IUCN, the main causes of the Tamaraw being on the list of endangered animals in the Philippines are illegal hunting, logging, and residential land clearing. The wings have a notably bluish-green color and a chain of spots as well. 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One will also notice its keeled scales on its crown. The Jungle of Badian, Philippines. Even though this species of coral is widespread across different territorial waters, the chances of finding it is slim. Its primary habitat is the forests found in the tropical and subtropical lowlands of these islands. This is a frog species that is endemic to the island of Mindoro. Experts point to the destruction of its natural habitat as the main reason for the population decline. There are different types of blue whales and, most of the time, people refer to the North Atlantic Blue whale when refering to these creatures. Note that in spite of conservation efforts, the population of this bird species is still extremely small. Male Humphead wrasse can grow up to 2 meters long and weigh up to 180 kg. It has a pair of separate, tubular nostrils They are about six mm in length and usually project outwards above the mouth. It also has yellow feathers in the undertail coverts. Extinct ancestor of all domesticated cattle! Some say that it is one of the strangest bat species in the world. They were once found all over Mindoro Island, from the plains up to the mountains. They can be found in Tawi-tawi, Papahag, Bubuan, Butinian, and Jolo islands. Russet Batomys or Dinagat Hairy-Tailed Rat (Batomys russatus), Distinguishing FeaturesThis flowerpecker species is rather short and stocky at 11 to 12 cm in length. It spends the great majority of its life motionless and buried. Juveniles of this species are known to have yellow heads and dark spots on their carapace. They usually weigh from 125 to 143 grams. It is believed to live only on one island in the Philippines, and its numbers are declining. At least eight mammalian species have been extinct since the Pleistocene Epoch.A fossil species of the Sirenia has been found on Palawan and went extinct during the Miocene. Its vertebral scutes have a rather gingko shape. The Philippines Tarsier is a small primate found in the Visayas region of the Philippines. Platymantis hazelae is included on the IUCN red list as an endangered species. As of the day this article was published, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), has declared 418 animal species in the Philippines to be threatened: meaning they are either vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered, according to the IUCN red list criteria.This article lists the top 50 critically endangered animals in the Philippines: Also called the monkey-eating eagle, the Philippine eagle is native to the southern Philippines. Its color is brownish though some doves of this species may also have a matte grey hue. Other than the reddish-orange bill, it also has a distinct ridged mandible. Distinguishing FeaturesThe Philippine cockatoo is covered in white plumage, which makes it really attractive. As such, they can thrive in a variety of habitats such as mangrove swamps, lagoons, and even in the open ocean. The Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat is the rarest and most elusive of them all. Some call it the Strawberry clam, Bear Paw, and also the Horse's Hoof. Another distinguishing feature is the presence of a ring of feathers around its eye, which are bright yellow in color. Experts estimate that the global population of blue whales has been depleted at a rate of 70 to 90 percent. Distinguishing FeaturesThis forest frog have been observed laying eggs and living in screw pines. Estimates show there is only 10 percent of forest remaining. The males tend to have brighter colored feathers than the females. Experts estimate that there is still a global decline in their population's numbers among those in the southern hemisphere. The largest fin whale ever spotted was about 89.6 ft. Filipino Animals. The good news is that estimations indicate Fin whales in the northern hemisphere are increasing in population. Adult Visayan Warty Pigs can grow up to 100 centimeters (cm) in length. Because of this and other factors, this frog species has been included on the IUCN red list as an endangered frog species. The other islands have very small patches of forest remaining. The heaviest recorded Frog-face soft shell turtle is 220 lbs. First evolved 100 million years ago! They can swim up to 31 miles per hour or around 27 knots, but they can only maintain that speed for short distances. It also has grey undertail coverts. Distinguishing FeaturesDistinct features include knoblike branches that appear to be irregularly dividing, which is a distinct feature of its colonies. Males have fewer red spots than females. A black patch of feathers marks its ear coverts. Its diet consists of fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. These birds make shrieking and cackling calls in a patterned intervals. Distinguishing FeaturesThe Philippine forest turtle is known by several other names such as the Leyte pond turtle, the Palawan turtle, and Philippine pond turtle. Philippine Naked-Backed Fruit Bat (Dobsomia chapmani). Extinction is a natural phenomenon, the result of failing to evolve fast enough to keep up with the times, a cataclysm like an asteroid crash, or human intervention. Because of this, the dove has been reclassified as "endangered" from its previous classification of "critically endangered.". Suite à cet incident, je me suis posé la question suivante : quels sont les animaux, insectes et bestioles diverses qui peuvent être dangereux pour l’homme, parfois même mortels, aux Philippines. Distinguishing FeaturesCompared to other species in its family, the Streak-breasted bulbul has a longer tail. There is a current need to educate locals when it comes to the difference between the small Philippine freshwater crocodile and the saltwater crocodiles that also inhabit the same area. This species of night heron is endemic to Japan. Is Boxed Water Really Better Than Bottled Water. It also has dark blue wings and the same color combination for its tail. This is according to the latest survey, taken in the Nug-as Forest. Apo and Mt. The Tawitawi brown dove is currently threatened by habitat loss although surveys have shown the damage has been reduced significantly in past years. The Philippines is considered as one of the seventeen megadiverse countries as well as global biodiversity hotspot. Copyright © 2010-2018. Hawksbill Sea Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricate). It also has 22 to 24 rows of mid-body scales. Some believe that there are tube nosed fruit bats located in Panay Island as well. One major threat to the bird is habitat loss, since the remaining forest areas on these islands is steadily declining. It's sad that we don't take care of Mother Nature. Due to illegal settlement, logging, road construction, developing and other human activities, the remaining forests in Cebu are dwindling and the population of the Cebu Flowerpecker is rapidly decreasing. Its population is now very small and its range is severely declining. They are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN, and a small population is reported to have been sighted on the island of Cebu as well. In the Philippines, you can find tarsier in the southeastern region of the archipelago. Only the captive-bred crocodiles are allowed for farming. At the center of their wings is a light green area. Conservations efforts are ongoing as conservationists work to create reservation areas on various islands. The range of this species is severely fragmented and is currently threatened by habitat destruction. The IUCN has placed it on the red list as an endangered species that is facing the possibility of extinction. Current population estimates range from 1,000 birds all the way up to 2,499. If Filipinos don’t protect the beauty and the richness of its archipelago, they may as well sing in chorus to Megadeth’s Countdown to Extinction, sway to the symphony of destruction and wait until its human population faces decline. Also called the Philippine bare-backed fruit bat, these are large bats found in the caves of Negros Island in the Philippines. The color of their feathers change as they grow older. Writing sets her free. Due to severe deforestation, hunting and poaching, this incredible bird species has become extinct in the island of Guimaras. Distinguishing FeaturesThis fruit dove is particularly large compared to other local species at 40 cm in length. To date, studies have shown that the Sulu hornbill now faces the imminent danger of extinction. This bat also has a singular dark stripe going along the middle section of the its back. They are classified as critically endangered by the IUCN and several conservation programs have been conducted to increase its population. Dog-Faced Water Snake (Cerberus microlepis). They have almost been driven to extinction because of the loss of their natural homes due to deforestation, chromite mining, and excessive hunting.

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